Connie Johnson For Governor

Let’s Go Together!

Criminal Justice Reform

Equal Justice

  • #1 in Female Incarceration
  • For-Profit Prison Industrial Complex
  • The Failed “War on Drugs”
  • Exoneration & Expungement for no longer unlawful  acts
  • Reorientation to rehabilitation and treatment of addiction and mental 
  • illness vs. punishment
  • Sentencing Reform/Abolishing the death penalty
  • Ending Wrongful convictions and sentencing disparities

Connie will invest in every Oklahoma K-12 student, regardless of zip code, via a properly funded public education system that features well-paid, quality teachers, quality technology and resources, and social supports that ensure success in and outside the classroom. She will prioritize student-centered funding to ensure that all students have the opportunity to rise to their highest potential with high quality instructors.

Connie will get to the bottom of the system’s current lack of transparency, and the failure to incorporate community input via locally elected school boards that reflect parental voices in school decisions. She will work with families, teachers, and schools to make sure their voices matter. 

As a Senator she created a multi-year task force to examine the reasons Oklahoma leads the nation in female incarceration. 
Marijuana/Cannabis Decriminalization

Connie has authored and advocated for marijuana policy reform to address the over-criminalization of simple possession and to address its health benefits for suffering Oklahomans—including children who suffer from seizures, veterans who suffer from PTSD, and chronically and terminally ill citizens in our great state.

Connie introduced legislation calling for a moratorium on Oklahoma executions, pending establishment and findings of an independent, out-of-state investigation. The resolution also sought to examine the cost of the death penalty versus “life without parole.”

Connie formerly chaired the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and the “Say NO to SQ 776 campaign. As a family member of a murder victim, Connie has ardently advocated abolishing the death penalty throughout her legislative career, citing the extreme cost of the death penalty vs life without parole; its ineffectiveness; its racial, economic and geographic disparities; our high rate of wrongful convictions, given 10 exonerations; the state’s inability to correctly administer the lethal injection protocol; and the removal of the object of redemption pursuant to Christian faith tenets.

As an Oklahoma State Senator, Connie introduced a variety of sentencing reform measures, including eliminating “life without parole” as a possible punishment for drug offenses; eliminating habitual offender enhancement (three-strikes type sentencing, mandatory minimums) for non-violent offenses; creating structured sentencing guidelines; and establishing post-incarceration grace periods for court fees and restitution.