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Healthcare As A Basic Human Right

Health & Mental Health


Let's Go Together!

Oklahomans will no longer lose coverage because of a catastrophic health event.

We must address issues that help to improve our state’s 48th national ranking in health status. As Governor, Connie will work to reform healthcare in ways that provide access to affordable, quality care for all hard working Oklahomans.

Abortion is reproductive care. Reproductive care is healthcare. Healthcare is a basic human right. Women deserve to have respectful and culturally competent providers in pursuit of reproductive health services ranging from menses to menopause and beyond, including contraceptive care. The future of abortion access in Oklahoma is under threat with record numbers of abortion restrictions having been proposed in Oklahoma since 2007.

As Governor, Connie will continue her lifelong work as an advocate of protecting victims of domestic violence.

Oklahoma ranks third in the nation in deaths from spousal/partner abuse. Women who experience violence, emotional or sexual trauma, unintended pregnancy, and who witness violence early in life are more likely to be incarcerated during their lifetime.

This pattern of violence is trans-generational, with children observing family violence early in life without the benefit of counseling to address and modify behavior. These children are more likely to practice violence in dating and subsequent relationships. 

Oklahoma is also highly rated in the number of children witnessing domestic violence. 

18,686 adults and children sought help in 2009 from any one of Oklahoma’s 30 domestic violence programs, including 72% women, 25% children, and 3% men.

As a state senator, Connie authored legislation that created a domestic violence registry and required schools to adopt dating violence curriculum and policies.

Connie will work to ensure properly funded domestic violence and law enforcement programs at the local, state, and federal level to ensure the safety and security of domestic violence victims.

Oklahomans voted to expand Medicaid in direct contrast to the Legislature’s refusal to do so. Oklahomans now benefit from key provisions in the ACA that Connie has always supported, including improved access to insurance coverage and, therefore, care. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Oklahomans will no longer lose coverage because of a catastrophic health event. The ACA promotes health and wellness through free preventive screenings. It supports people taking personal responsibility for what they eat and whether they exercise, a key component in improving the body’s natural immunity and ability to respond to disease.

The ACA ensured that Oklahoma’s young adults can stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26. 

This particular provision is critical, given the economic challenges today’s college grads face because of depressed wages and huge student loan debt. As the mother of college grads, Connie applauds this provision.

With over 33 years of experience in health policy research, legislation and advocacy, Connie understands most young Oklahomans resent coverage mandates, believing they won’t need care. Many never will but, given our ranking as the nation’s 10th most obese state, a significant number will develop obesity-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease/hypertension, Type II Diabetes, cancer and arthritis. We will still need to factor in health care for these groups. She also recognizes, however, that the ACA does nothing to address rising health care costs.

As Governor, she will work to ensure that all eligible Oklahomans can access Medicaid. She will continue advocating for effective cost controls that address the unique needs of young adults and other specialized groups, as well as work to reign in spiraling prescription drug and hospital costs. Oklahomans deserve nothing less than access to affordable, quality and culturally competent health care