Connie Johnson For Governor

Let’s Go Together!

Jobs & the Economy


Oklahoma’s infrastructure is important. 10.2% of Oklahoma’s bridges are rated structurally deficient, and 449 dams are considered high-hazard potential. These realities place Oklahoma behind in global marketplace competition. Driving on crumbling roads and bridges in Oklahoma costs drivers approximately $394 per year. A successful economy requires sustained leadership. Oklahoma families can no longer afford the costs that come with delayed infrastructure repairs.

Let's Go Together!

High Paying Jobs

As Governor, Connie will do for Oklahomans and their families what we know works: invest in education and infrastructure spending that spurs jobs and innovation.

If we want to attract businesses to our cities and towns—if we want our rural communities to thrive again, if OKC truly wants to be a “big league city,” if Tulsa’s renaissance wants to continue, if we want to fight income inequality—then, we have to give Oklahomans the tools to become a modern, skilled, knowledgeable, and healthy workforce.