Connie Johnson For Governor

Meet Connie


About Connie Johnson

Born in Holdenville, Oklahoma, Connie’s father’s career as a public school teacher took their family from Dustin, to Idabel at age three, and finally to Oklahoma City at 6 years old. She excelled in the Oklahoma City public school system, graduating as a top student from Frederick A. Douglass High School, and earned a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with a BA in French and completed coursework towards a master’s degree in education. She earned a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2010 from Langston University, Oklahoma’s only Historically Black College and University.

Senate District 48 Voters elected Connie

A lifelong Democrat, in 2005, Senate District 48 voters elected Connie as the fourth person to serve the district, after her service for 24 years as a Senate policy analyst, where she worked with all three previous District 48 senators, and formed many lasting relationships on both sides of the aisle and rotunda. She previously worked as a program manager for the City of OKC Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Program and as Public Information Training Officer for the Oklahoma Community Action Agency Directors’ Association.

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We Work For The People

Connie now wants to apply her more than 40 years of public and community service and legislative experience to the benefit of everyday people in Oklahoma. She will fight to provide Tier One Jobs in rebuilding our infrastructure, to strengthen Oklahoma’s medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp industries, to guarantee public education, and to ensure health care as a basic human right for every Oklahoman, especially mental health services.

Connie lives in Forest Park, Oklahoma, where she chairs the FPK Board of Adjustments.  She is the mother of three adult children, grandmother of two granddaughters and one grandson, and a “special person” to Lacy, a Shih Tzu rescue.


What I Will Fight For


Oklahomans share a common goal when it comes to our children: we all want our children to receive a quality education.


A successful economy requires sustained leadership. Oklahoma families can no longer afford the costs that come with delayed infrastructure repairs.


We must address issues that help to improve our state's 48th national ranking in health status.

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Support the Candidate

This is a year that we will be making history and taking a step forward in a new direction for Oklahoma.

People like you are coming together to make a declaration for change.  There is no contribution too small and your support is of great value to our goals.