Connie Johnson For Governor

My Committments


Oklahoma’s infrastructure is important. 10.2% of Oklahoma’s bridges are rated structurally deficient, and 449 dams are considered high-hazard potential. These realities place Oklahoma behind in global marketplace competition. Driving on crumbling roads and bridges in Oklahoma costs drivers approximately $394 per year. A successful economy requires sustained leadership. Oklahoma families can no longer afford the costs that come with delayed infrastructure repairs.

Silhouettes of wind mills in a rural area against late afternoon sky

Supporting Energy Independence

Our country’s energy independence is key to our national, economic, and security interests.

Alongside agriculture, energy is Oklahoma’s driving economic force. U.S. crude oil imports declined by 23 percent over the last decade, thanks largely to the soaring increases in crude oil production from shale reserves across the country.

As Governor, Connie will fight to ensure we invest in a clean energy future for Oklahoma—for our grandchildren and their grandchildren—that is safe for Oklahoma’s families and that respects the environment.

Connie believes we shouldn’t use taxpayer dollars to subsidize one of the most profitable industries in the world, over the dirty fossil fuels of the past.

We should utilize Oklahoma’s clean energy resources—such as wind, hydropower, and solar—to transition our state and our country into an energy independent 21st Century.

As Governor, Connie will work for real energy independence and to protect this beautiful Oklahoma land, from the Arbuckle Mountains in the south to Grand Lake in the north, to our forests in the east to the high plains in the western panhandle.

It is time for us to build a better Oklahoma for our children and our families.